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Book Launch 'Eva Evrard' by Éditions Analogues - The Paper Factory

Book Launch ‘Eva Evrard’ by Éditions Analogues

Dear paper lovers,

We would like to invite you to the book launch of Eva Evrard with Éditions Analogues.

Eva Evrard’s work proposes a rich deconstruction of the book as object, form and sign. Each book forms a device dedicated to the formal exploration of single concepts. Combining minimalism, sculpture and conceptual rigor, Eva Evrard develops her own syntax: an interplay between volumes and empty spaces, between the medium used and the signs it is meant to carry. By doing so, Evrard’s books free themselves of the rules inherent to book form and become something else: they organize new spaces, new fields of legibility.

You can see a glimpse of her work here:

We will start the evening at 18:30 with a welcome. At 19:00 Ann Hindry, art historian and art critic, will give a presentation. From 19:30 we will celebrate with drinks!

We are looking forward to meet you there.
With kind regards,

Team The-Paper-Factory Bruxelles
Monique, Guillaume, Alieonor, Byrthe