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LABEL LAB - The Paper Factory
Label Lab invitations


18.10.2017 Amsterdam
19.10.2017 Brussels

We are pleased to announce that Label Lab will be presenting in Amsterdam on the 18th October 2017, and Brussels on the 19th October 2017 at the showrooms of Fedrigoni Benelux.

RSVP via our website:

The event will celebrate the aesthetics and craftsmanship of labelling and packaging design and showcase the new materials that Fedrigoni’s labelling division Arconvert brings to the market.


Oscar Flier, Print Director at international branding & design agency Design Bridge in Amsterdam will give an interactive presentation on how to bring creative concepts and design to life on paper and labels.

Aurore Gustin, Business Developer at Arconvert Self-adhesive Papers and Films in Spain will develop the theme of the papers used for labels in a market that focuses on premiumisation.

Alain Deville will give a presentation of the packaging possibilities within the Fedrigoni collection.

Please RSVP via the website mentioned above.

We are looking forward to meet you at the Paper Factory.